What Exactly Is E-A-T?

E-A-T is one of many guidelines Google uses to determine whether the content is valuable to readers and whether it should rank well.

E-A-T was first mentioned in 2014 when Google added the notion to their Search Quality Guidelines.

Since then Google pays attention when it looks at a website on the following:

  • The expertise of the creator of the content.
  • The authoritativeness of the creator of the content, the content itself, and the website.
  • The trustworthiness of the creator of the content, the content itself, and the website.

In short, E-A-T indicates if the page is of high-quality, ensuring it is helpful for users that looking up information. Therefor then ranking higher in the searches over time. 

Google's E-A-T characteristics.

Here’s an example from Google that highlights what they mean by E-A-T:

“High E-A-T news articles should be produced with journalistic professionalism – they should contain factually accurate content presented in a way that helps users achieve a better understanding of events. High E-A-T news sources typically have published established editorial policies and robust review processes.”

Is E-A-T a Ranking Factor?

Now the question is E-A-T a ranking factor for SEO technically no, however, it can impact your content's rank.

Can understand that sounds may be confusing.

To explain a bit more, E-A-T is a Guideline Google uses to determine what content is high quality and should therefore Rank higher and is part of different aspects of the Google algorithm.

Even if that is not a direct ranking factor, it can have an impact on your overall ranking indirectly. But in the end, it is a guideline to create high-quality content for your website, to ensure better ranking in searches. 

So Why Is E-A-T Important for SEO?


Most of you will have heard about "content is king" which many SEO pros were under me would have told you many times.

Many will just tell you only to create content, but what makes high-quality content - more Alt Tags, more content and so on doesn't help you directly in creating this content. 

However, at VA Creative Media, we tell you how to make high-quality content. 

We base all content we create on the insight given by Google on this, and this can have a big and I do say a big impact on your content marketing. 

E-A-T guidelines tell real human reviewers, who evaluate hundreds of websites, exactly what type of content Google considers high-quality.

According to their guidelines, great content should:

  • Help users.
  • Be created by an expert.
  • Be posted on an authoritative site.
  • Be trustworthy.
  • Be updated regularly.

If possible, the content should be created with a high level of expertise, though “everyday expertise” from people with real-life experience is acceptable when appropriate.

Pages that spread hate cause harm, misinform, or deceive users may receive a lower E-A-T rating from search evaluators.